That man never stops
he has not even time
to take breath 
Bla, Bla, Bla
all in italian
I understand some
to much
He is telling his
empty stories
to the swedish girl
opposite him
Talking and talking
I were once like that
Hiding myself behind 
a lot of words
A lot of empty words
Maybe he is not human
but a machine from another
Sent by God because
of a sin I did long time 
Or maybe he
Is just tormenting
me without knowing
It. My family once
came from Italy
and we are still
talking to much
according to swedish standard talkification index
Still after 406 years 
We are not swedish 
Still talking
Sorry if you come
here and expect
to be a part of our
closed society 
It will take you
another 1000 years
at least

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