The night is sinister


there will not be

the brisk air
me feel

a short moment 
of happiness
connecting with

other spaces and times past 

the stars are congregating 

memories of old battles

are coming back

the smell of blood and fire, sweet 
There are men dying

under these star at

this very moment
I am not thinking
of them but of 
men living on the
other shore of time

No reason

There is no reason
to read this
my mind is so 
She has filled it 
with her shit
and now I try 
to purify it
And thats it
nothing more
nothing less
I am soon 
an empty


I do believe that
You got to fight
For what is right
But every time I fight
I lose again and again
So I do not fight
Because the brave boys
Broke my back so
That they could do the
Things that are not
I curse them and all
Their might
And hope for
Better times
Eventually time
Will break their
Back to
And I will wait
Because I am
A Patience man



Why are we here
The questions running through my mind
there will be no answer
and even if there were
answers I do not know
if I care any more
Life is 
not knowledge just simple
The rest is fantasy


The snow that fell
are melting away
I really got nothing to
Most of what I hoped
for is gone
I could not put
my self together
But the memories
of past actions 
keeps coming back
what was once


Poem to the lost people of my world

I cannot save you
You were gone long before
I was here
But your letter
still remains in the
that drawer 
History does not
repeat it self
It just send you
greetings from
times long gone


Poem to life, travel 

We waited,
and waited in vain
no one came
It were just us
With our intention
to do good work
That no one wanted
to have
We give and give
but what does it matter
We are all lost anyway 
The snow is still here
and the winter 
Soon the war
will start
And no one will
these lines


Back to reality

I am a bad person
by definition
I am a man

I exist
am I bad
I do need
to excuse my self
and my pitiful

To everyone I meet and
everyone I hurt by being me
I need to listen to how bad I am
there are no excuses

Empty like the empty street
I stand all alone in the snow

Inside my withered heart
Soon my temple will be gone
and forgotten
The wind will carry away
the memory
And the water will the void
of what was once me
That will be freedom
And I will no longer need
to excuse myself and my