I do not know how
I only know that
I has to end

In order to make ends meet
it has to end
End of story 

But it seems so unreasonably hard

On The Other side

Now I am on the other side
of the sea
The other side
Were the boots used to be
Here On the other side where everything´s

is different and odd

Now I am here on the wrong side
of things

before I were there

and now me too

I did not realize that it was possible to inflict so much pain
and agony into another person that you say you love
What is that love worth then? 
Why is it called love
When we can call it domination

Past present

It is all over now
It is all over me now
the pain, the memories
the fear of tomorrow
There are no lights
in the attic on the other side of the street anymore

I miss my freedom
I feel time has got me again
The now will turn
to autumn and winter again
and again
each year with a little shorter summer
I miss my youth
I miss my future
and my past
but who could know
this then and now?
The evening falls fast
this time of the year


This is me
That is what I am
The pain of thought
The pain of memory
Feeling that is all
out of control
Someone else also
with a broken faith
a broken mind
She want me to move
as she is used to
As her father did
But I am not here
I escape, avoid,
walking around
Forgetting other
The summer will soon be over
The winther is in my heart


The time passed quickly
I lost so much,
that it did not matter
Escaping the problem
of my life
Was hard and easy
but in the end
The soul and body
could meet
and there
were a moment of
solitude in my
lost mind