The art of dying and defying

The danger of staying is obvious

Still I remain here stubborn as ever

Defient as ever

Me a lost old man

Not in his body

My mind is elsewhere

far far into the future

I know what happened

I lived through so many

future war, I lived through so many

good times and bad

being reincarnated is a bitch

and suicide is not the answer

just a new role to play

somewhere else on this

blue planet

filled with folly

and all forms of life

like a perverted caleidoscope


Change now!
Change when?
Change what?
Change why?
Cry to the sky!
This is why,
I am I !

The Time

Months has passed
And I
Remained silent
The woe I gave
You has yet to be
But I am here
Inside you
But still on the
Outside biding my time
While the sun has it’s show!