The Weekly Routine

On Sundays I am an atheist drinking wine and eating bread

On Monday I become a Christian and drink wine and eats bread but this time it is Jesus body and blood So It is too much and I become a Buddhist on Tuesdays trying to remember a mantra or two. Wednesday is the perfect day to become an animist looking for lost spirits in the forests, normally they’re gone since thousands of years. Sometimes they do show upThat difficult search results in a conversion to Judaism which is the religion I hold on Thursday giving esoteric perspectives but I am not good on keeping rules so that makes me a Hindu on Friday. That is a very interesting religion and I spend the whole day reading the Mahabharata on my favorite carpet. The only problem is that I been so focused on religion the whole week that I forgot to clean myself. Saturday is the cleaning day if you’re an follower of Asa faith with Thor, Wotan and friends. I belong to that religion every Saturday. No wonder I have no time to work!

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