Losing my sense and mind

Now everything is going to change

Again and again

But I will not be around

And that is okey

The mind aligned with a flower

Or a tree and me as a mindless

Savage forgetting everything

I ever learned

Riding with the wind


The power  balance is changing

I  am closing myself now

Like a flower for the night

Slowly and lonely

Were my life here

I am leaving for the ocean

To the ocean is a long way

But like a small seed i will

get there a flower

Even if it takes a decade or more


Life is like a fever,

it heats up your body and makes your sleep uneasy

I had life a long time before I lost it on my way to work

Now I am something in between

A good position with connections everywhere

In all the different earthly and spiritual regions

Like living in a soup-opera on LSD




Leaves falling on the wet asphalt

Yellow, red and brown

The timeframe has changed

And the days becoming much shorter

For a short moment time stops

Then start and moving much quicker

Three months is as distant as a life time

Soon snow and ice will cover the ground

Making me forget the small details

That once made up my life


I am so confused

Have no oversight

No visions

No perspective

Only trying to get through

The jungle that is this city

Walking in circles in dark alleyways

Talking to strangers

With their own agenda

In my pocket is a white stone

Like an amulett


The outsider

Born in the wrong place

At the wrong time

Think the wrong thoughts

With the wrong people

At the wrong places

Makes you the chosen one

To mess up the mind of youth and elders

Just in our little town

On the edge of another era

That will eventually kill you

Questions to a stranger

Everyday from dawn to dusk

I watch the people pass by

The snow is falling

The sleepless night arrives

Together with the feeling of being numb

Incapable to change anything of important

So please stranger accept my gift

Of hopelessness and despair

And let it fill your mind

When your life is almost as dark as mine

Together we can share this black velvet cover

And let it keep us warm and alive

Morning has broken

But the day will never


Only the proxy

Some daylight and then dusk

We pretend that everything is


Going on in our daily routines

But the light tells us something

Is very wrong

The darkness come and overtakes us all

Now and then but this is different

Very different

Something much more sinister