Old Evil


Tonight I meet the old nazi

Not so old and

Of course not a nazi, still

In every way a nazi

Except by name

Expert in law and business

A perfect administrator for

Any Holocaust or Ethnic cleansing

He asked me to see

His latest work

A hate letter to the liberal party

For accepting refugee

Prepared to take up arms

If this continue

Still profiting from the

Very same refugees

Selling false promises

Selling fake dissertations

He asked me to stay

But I left leaving his

Odour of sweat and alcohol


While he told me to run

Gladly did I walk away

Only to be certain that

Greater evil wait

Ahead of us and me




Tired, on the verge of exhausted

Another night is approaching

So much energy is being put

On conflicts without meaning

I have to spend time to

Listen and deal with what is



Late at night

When the consciousness

Begin to falter

Wither and finally

Pass into sleep

I realize what a blessing

It is to be relieved of the

Burden of conscious thinking

So rigid and so lost in

What is and

Always has been


Stormy night, rainy day

The conflict went on and on

With no end in sight

We fought our internal war

For many, many years

Slowly drowning

While the world watched

Our agony in ignorance

And apathy

Erasing us from its memory


No Control of Anything

I am not in control of anything

Not even my self, my emotion

Only in some way my intentions

There is no meaning in life

When you have no power

And have to fight yourself as well

As the other people around you


Tired of talking

While listening

To your endless

Excuses and lies

Not even the smallest

Thing can be said

Without your denial

No problem can ever be


Not even a teabag found