Running fast

Trying to forget

What happened

What I could not

Deal with

I disconnected myself

I did not know what

To say so

I did not say anything

Silencing opportunity

Now I have to climb

Up again from the pit

Nine Years

I see you walking away

While the snow is falling

How could I know

That after nine years

We would hate

Each other

So much that we

Not even share bed


Life is so short

And so much time

Will be spent fighting

Small things leading

To conflicts everlasting

Will be our destiny

Can we change

Will we change

I do not know

Time and madness

Will tell

The City

Fear drives

The city forward

Fear of accidents

Thieves, crazy people

Tricksters and fraudsters

Psychopaths and psychiatrists

Employers and abusers

All those traps that hide

Behind the facade of the city

All the cameras, barbed wire, walls

fences, guards will not do

The more safety the less secure you

Will feel