The roads

I am so tired

The words are being taking out of my mouth

I cannot tell you the true story

I cannot tell you what to think

How to do it

There is a way

I know there is a way

Just do not know what way

To take

And it does not matter

Any way is a good way now

I do not see the end of the road

But I know it is there


Confused but still determined

To turn everything upside down

Even though it seems crazy

Round trip


I am sick

I have an illusion

That I am able

To accomplish

Anything in this world

A very bad virus

That runs in my blood

In the family

Have to eat medicin

To stop the will to change

Have to drink

Have to work

Have to run

Have to fight

Have to be depressed

Just I don’t try to change

Anything in this world

It is all OK

The danger

Is change

Everyone tells me

Everything has to be

The same

Forever and ever

But they eat their hart out


Just mention it

Timeless Love

This is the

Timeless trap

When we fail to see

Because we don’t want

To fail with our love

Still just because of this

We do it

Again and again

Failing to see

What is going on

And then waking up

In a much worse position

Than before

Still the light will fall

The same way


Dark matter

Driving through the north outskirts

Mixing old pagan landscapes and

Daft commercial spaces

Here and there Ghettos like

Fortresses on hills

Fast passing them by on the highway

While the snow keeps falling

Making the road risky

And slippery

This is my scene

My so called reality

Still an illusion

However much it hurts

Whatever happens

Happens beyond

This scenery

Inside of us

Here in between

Matter and space


Cold places

People without


Just masses

Moving around

In crowded spaces

Without smiles

Waiting to pay

For their petty dream