To Live Or Die

Somehow lost

Somehow gone


Somehow still here

A day in the middle of life

Trying to become sane

Not losing my head

Cannot solve the riddle

Being between

What I need and

What I ought to do

Life is lost only the long road

Of dying remains if I stay

Life is gained but only

Loneliness remains

Have nothing to say

This is life in a dysfunctional family


Madness is a great game to play

The mind is running around in

It’s labyrinth

Outside the sun shines to no avail

We dwell in our own darkness

Like Plato’s cavemen

With the difference that we know

That we live in the cave and that

The light is an illusion to keep

Us going

Still Today

To live we

Have to recreate by

Finding meaning in lost

Words and fragments

From another era

When things tended to

Be good and easy

This is over, over

The good and easy

Is the reason for

Why we suffer

And why we are

Still alive today