Being in that tired state of mind

That is mine

Too little sleep

Too much to worry about

But it does not matter

Because it comes a point

When the courage

Is greater than all the broken parts

In the Beginning Was Emptiness

Then came word

But The magic works best in writing

Changing the reality

Word by word

In a country that is focused on writing

The text as a holy grail

But words can be seen as a way

To avoid change and development

Words of man, act of God


Things changes all the time

And we need to be adoptable

It is not so easy

To be flexible, open, creative

When it is a one way communication

How are those people with

Power flexible, open and creative?

This is needed

Walk the walk

Before you

Talk the talk

Mind Soup

Thinking is a wonderful thing

Being able to think is so great

It creates a peace of mind

Things has to come to an end

Making places for new things to come

And not standing in a way

Resources and productions conundrum


The morning always breaks

In the middle of night in May

Collapsing the sense of day

Creating ambiguity about

The eternal order of the south

Where every night is dark as coal

Cold Light

The nights here in the north

Are short and brief

Quickly moving creatures

Almost invisible

Creating a blue skylight

Mixing memories and desires

Waking up the dead or long gone



Trying to make a meaning

Out of this

Does it matter

The story will soon

Be wiped out

Like writing in the