The more energy you put in to things, the more you are able to learn and develop. With energy is time, reflection and action.

Sometimes we just need to say No to things that we do not like. For many years I stopped writing and felt lost. Using my skills did ad to the understanding of myself. We are not lost anymore just in an awkward situation. It is what we tell ourself when we are making up our stories that matters.

2014 I wrote

We are lost here because they all hate me. I will not speak until the winter is over.
Deep inside we all know that we lost the battle this time.

I have a passion for words
I have a passion for pictures
I am still writing

The year is 2018 and the sun has just set early in the afternoon this winter day.

Learning from creating

Listen to a podcast, that divided what you needed to prosper.

You need security in order to get the strength to fight your fights.


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