One Gray Day

After being abused and used

So many times,


Again and again, my sight

Was clear watching the

Devastated landscape

That once was my life

Not realising that

Goodness is the road to hell

I thought that love would

Heal her wounds but

Trashed people trashes you

And eventually destroys

What they have and love

Here I am trapped by

Doing what I learned

Was right,

That turned out

To be an illusion

So i left

Found other people

Crazy in their own


And I stand here one year later

Now knowing

Where to start

Just fearing that the way

Is endless


The day closes in

Soon the night

Will overtake

Out mad aspirations

And hopes, fears

That kept the day

Going in all it’s bright

Light that hides

Unpleasant surprises

All that will rest for a


While Sunday turns into

A news monday

Filled with new fears

That will hassle and tear

Us a part slowly

Piece by piece

Still leaving us

In the dark

To care for


Silenced Voices

The things you once

Dreamed of cannot become

True anymore

They will remain

An unspoken dream

In your mind forever

Coming back to haunt

Your dreams at night

Asking impertinent



I am in the


Returning to patterns

Of thought and actions

Belonging to the neurotic

Mind and it’s

Never ending circles

While the stream of life

Passes by