The roads

I am so tired

The words are being taking out of my mouth

I cannot tell you the true story

I cannot tell you what to think

How to do it

There is a way

I know there is a way

Just do not know what way

To take

And it does not matter

Any way is a good way now

I do not see the end of the road

But I know it is there

Bad News

A bad story is always a bad story

Never mind what you do

The very foundation is weak

Standing on sand that quickly

Slips away at night

Start over my friend

Before the sunken costs

Will sank you to in the sand

Like a drag

Frozen Land

The sun has returned

To the north

Shining a cold

White light upon us

Ignorant and indifferent

Without within

Some days nothing

Today is Sunday

A hopeless Sunday

With a little light

And a long earned

Spring to long for


Losing sight of other side

While crossing the river

Whatever I do

At the moment

I am

Losing the feeling

The motivation to do anything

I did not succeed

To change my life

Just lost the power

To take action

And here I am

Having to start

All over again

Agony and pain

Still some hope

But mostly darkness