The Proposal

My life is silence

And an inner stormy sea

Different disasters

Forming my life

All the time

Keeping the feelings inside

I have difficult

To remember all of it

It is just a blur

But still I am here

Negotiating will not

Solve anything

Still I keep

Until the mist eliminate me

Finding out

Why is so difficult

To make decisions

To have clear ideas

To be grounded

Feel safe and secure

Find inner strength

To know and have the intention

To move on and when to do it

All that is left out

Only the dotted line remains


The nightmare has just started

Looking for land

That will hold me

Carry me and my weight

Eventually this will happen

Not now but

Maybe in the next


But being in the middle of it

I do not know if it is a nightmare

Or just the old quarry


Time might fly

I don’t

Resting on memory and luck

Still being alive after all that time

Without anything more than a blanket

And some black tea with the occasional

Potatoes. I did not choose this life

This life choose me

This life caught me

Now I have to live it

I was walking home

But my home was gone

Long time ago

Just some gravel remained

And I felt the pain

The end was near

So I went into a room

And suddenly boom

It all returned

Like nature wanted me to learn a reason

To be and burn