Wrecking The Boat

Sometimes we become trapped

In the past

While life moves on


We are trying the old patterns,

Ways and tricks

But to no avail

We are starting to sink

And the only way

Is to keep swimming

The destruction did not

Make us wise but kept us going

With as much as we could carry

Only to end up almost naked

At the beach, starting all over

Again and again

Until we perished into the

The cold, deep blue


Big Dreams

Being on a high tech

Conference filled

With people dreaming of

The great big breakthrough

What a beautiful and

Destructive Illusion


Choices are difficult things

Options that are not true options

Just another maze of actions

Leading to obscure futures

And foreseeable patterns of repetition

Once I saw myself as a free man

Now I doubt that very much

Time will not tell nor heal any wounds

The Best Thing to Do

The world is new again

Changing conditions

Spring returns but

Life is a circular movement

Soon the winter will be back

The future is also

An eternal pendulum

Between paradise and


Resilience might be a good idea

And not to carry around

To many things

The Great Wall

Putting things together

To create a barricade

Against all evil

Building a wall

Against the world

To keep me safe

Will shot all intruders

At sight

With my imaginary

Machine gun

Violence is after all

The solution to all problems

And a guarantee for more

Problems in the future

After finishing the barricade

I will get drunk and


In the morning

I clean up

And forget

All about it