Do Not Fear

Even if you


From what you do


The Wastelandpassage

To another world

Maybe not to return

You are indestructible

Still very vulnerable

The mind will determine

The outcome


Bleak light through thick clouds

Makes the world grey

The future looks bleak

I try to turn

Around without being

Able to do it

Feeling weak

Incapable of changing my life

Just not this time

This life

The Machine

I am lost

Can’t get anywhere

Don’t know why

Just seeing the fact

And writing that fact

Into a machine

That eventually

Will make the

World know


What more to say

The mind empty itself

Sleeping awake

The thoughts are slow, mellow

The inability is determining

The end but not

The way

The Great Paradox

Life is so precious

Valuable and still so short

Lost in thousands of rainy days

Just a few moments of happiness

Then it is all gone

Without any joy

Life becomes a grey mass of water

A dirty river

A quarry for time thieves

A dumb and concentration camp

Full of traps and dangers

Without any rewards

Life is so precious and

Still treated as an almost

Worthless commodity


Stepping out into the real world

It’s cold as ice in the middle of summer

Shadowy and shrank,

Fake and pretentious

Breeding the rotten stench

That is real, reality

Frozen death in a box