At the Moment

Trying to find a standard

Trying to find a meaning

Trying to build a life

Out of the rubble

That is me

Three In The Morning

Solving the problem

But still

Trapped in history

At 3 am

Books are practical things

When the sleep is gone

Forgetting life as it is

Cold Spaces

This life is like a cold dream

A beautiful nightmare in white

All actions are subdued

By the snow and the cold

Freezing passion and will

Surviving but not enjoying

Working but not living

Moving forward in this awkward spot

With the hope to leave

The Master Gender

The message is clear

Blunt and brutal

Your time is less worth

Then mine, I make the money

You are just a parasite

Not making any money

You do not matter

Whatever you do it is

Not enough


Me, me, me

And I

Have values and need here

You are my servant

I’m the bossy slave victim

Master of nothing and everything

My flower will never bloom


The meaning has long been lost

In time and history, not meaning

Anything important

Still persistent

Ringing it’s tone

Into my mind

Again and again