The Gone Leader

The dictator is gone

Eaten by his own desire

To eat others

On the ground is rubble and lies

That surrounded him

Now he is just an old man

Like any other old man

With his complaints and


I eat his picture as a cream cake

Trying to forget and forgive

His terror

Praying that he never return

Magic Knowledge


Wisdom is a tricky thing

Between Madness and rationality

Clear obscureness

Hidden truths in the open

Difficult to find, but even harder to achive

Being smart is so much easier

However more shortsighted

Sometimes but not always altruistic

It reins over a distant kingdom

Which is seldom seen


Tired, on the verge of exhausted

Another night is approaching

So much energy is being put

On conflicts without meaning

I have to spend time to

Listen and deal with what is


Mind reader

Diving into the mind of my grandfather

Dead since almost ten years

Using the wisdom of Tai Chi and my

Intelligence skills

To become a Turncoat, an amoeba

Floating around In

The mental universe

Of the demented man

Whose God, Newton

Would rule with his rigid laws of traction and


Searching his fragmented mind for

The Secrets of the atom and the atom bomb

Or the standing of the planet an evening

In March 1981

At the time when Venus rise 87 Degrees east

I maybe I would find,

surprisingly some hidden knowledge

About a pine tree on a remote island in the sea

Christmas Tale

A Cold, cold day

I went out

To find a pray

What I did see

Took my breath


The people had frozen to ice

And their soul had been

Sacrificed on the altar of delight

So I went home

Without any pray

A waited for the winter

To go away

Indoor mirage

Back in the locker room

Filled with old men

Growling and throwing

Sneaky remarks

To one another

Hastily leaving

For starting another day

I am left on the grey bench

To fend for myself

Blue water in the background

Makes up the illusion

Of a better future