Anxiety Into the Bone

This is me

What I am

What I could be

Anxiety works in many ways

Desperation is on way

To deal with this

I might even survive to


I am trying to find

Some hope


That keeps me


But the silence

Tells another story


What is going to


Looking For Answers

Feeling completely lost

Trying to put myself together

Getting through all the anxiety

Writing the letter

Fixing the payment

Doing due diligence

What makes it tick

I do not really know


Anxiety on Ice

Sometimes you are trapped

In your anxiety and worry

Fearing the worst

Expecting the apocalypse

But in reality

Nothing happened

You are trapped by

Your own fantasy

Into a world of horror

When this happened

A hundred times it is


Abstract Landscape

Anxiety is a strange feeling

The object or subject

Does not need to be real

To cause big harm, no

More dreamlike, just a state of mind

Putting the thinking and reasoning out

Of business in a very destructive way

I have been living with it all the time

Very long time, it is a handicap

It limits what you can do

I tried from time to time to do something about it

I was not very successful but I can live with my failure

However painful

And I am trying it again and again

Cascading failure running over me

Like the waves of the ocean


Anxiety is hard to live with

The body is filled with energy

Still the feeling is being

Unable to move or think in any way

Trying to meditate, cannot think or work

Under this circumstances

Life is hard, but anxiety makes it almost impossible

It is like a pain, asthenic pain, you cannot be still

You cannot move, freezing in fear of a unknown something

And here I am



Fear and madness in different ways

Cannot find words anymore

Just lost in my own mind

Again and again

Running in circles

Without any chance to stop this madness