Pressure And Pain

The pain is immense

It is an opened wound

That I carry around

All of the time

Normally hidden

But now it is opened

Burning like fire

Eventually it will

Do me in

Fantastic Vision

One night I dreamt that

Every human was free

Each one living in their own tree

A small treehouse for each one of us

In a green utopia

But I woke up in the desert

Cold and frozen

The trees had left

For a better forest

And I just walked around

N absolute horror

New Patterns

Reworking the story, remaking features

Focuses on new ways

Maybe Burning Man

The man preaches

You are responsible for you

You are here to give

To receive and to give

The intersection between what you want to give and

What other people wants to receive

You are entitled to nothing

But welcome to create something for yourself

Asking for information, asking for permission

Asking for validation

You are here to give

You are here to play