Cleaning Up

Cleaning out the dirt

Destroying and creating

New patternas

I am not going to break down

Again, no

Not anymore

I just have to through it out of the system

All the lose ends being put together

Like a web



The night is white

Enlighten by the snow

And thousands of lamppost

A cold wind blows

filled with moisture

The clouds travels

Hastily from the west

On the street black shadows passing by

A reminder of the changeable




The sea is eternal

Waves and water

The same

Since billion years

We are the one

That changes

Not the water


Change is a beautiful thing

And in the same time

A nightmare messing

Up our life, destroying

Safe comfort zones

Moving into the light

What once was hidden

Hiding things that once

Was in the open

Ending ever ongoing

The Stage

Playing on the big stage outside

A place where light and shadow never stands still

Life is always moving, changing

Developing the sensitivity for that

Is an art form

Natural and ever changing light

The essence of who we are

Changes and becomes

Open ended direction

In the eternal changing light


Fading away into an

Unknown landscape

Traveling to a distant

Place, filled with trees, snow

And strange people

It is strange how different

A city can be. Everything is

Vide spatial visible from

Far away

Familiar and yet different

Whom will I be

When I transformed?

A butterfly or a stone

Maybe an enlighten Buddha

Maybe a madman in rugged cloths

This is not me, this is not you

And still unmistakably it is


Where is the passion

When do we turn around

From the abyss?

The decision to live on

Not to give up life

I don’t know really

Just know that it takes

A very long time to change

Even if the intention


From the Inside

Inside Out 

Being on the inside is so nice

Things becomes clear


The fear is gone

Leaving only some shiverings behind

Changing the perspective 

In so many new ways

I am trapped here in time and in my mind

Below is the land

Only a playing field

Projections of the sun

Changes the perspective 

In perpetual ways


Reaching the outer limit

The place 

Where I am not myself

On the verge 

Of insanity 

I find myself