The Rare End

Projecting power in an aggressive way

The devil is not in the details

But more in the attitude


Believing to be superior

And in the same time submissive

Maybe the flip side of the coin


Living in the era of


A story is always true

A story is sometimes false

It does not matter

Truth-seeking is best not made

By believing in stories

They are readymade fables

” I started poor and had to work my

Way up from the floor”

Do never question this because

Reality might make the beautiful

Myth crack in the most awful way

The Madhouse Fair

Searching for knowledge and

As a way to manage my life

Filling the mind with other

Things than agony, crisis and.

Neurotic avoidance of conflict

Listening to people’s life stories

What they tell and the readable

What they transmit, the signals

Short brief meetings

The. madman on the stage has his

Own theory of life, trend and anti-


What is he selling, I don’t know

But he is fun