The Middle of Life

Another night of self doubt passed

After an evening filled with quarrel

It was not so much love left

This life has taken its toll

Living for a long time on low energy

And little money

Very Surprisingly

The mind is quickly

Recovering in the

Lig of the rising sun

Western Sunrise

Hopeless and meaningless

Is my life,

I cannot see any reason

For being in this ugly world

But still I am here

Like a leftover from another


I will soon be gone like the dinosaurs

And I will be so happy

To leave this awful place

Even though

The sun rises slowly in the west


The days are short

In the north

More like a combined

Dawn and dusk

Creating a depressive

Mode of inaction

Retreating and defeats

Is in my mind

Lost causes and cold very

Cold nights

The Fire

I am like a beam of light

Attracting people and

Creatures of the night

To warm

Themselves near, near

To the dwindling ember

Soon the dawn

Will come

With Apollonian clearness

And the break us all down

To ashes

A Lost Day

Losing a meaning or two

Feeling like an empty shell

After sleeping on the floor

This night.

The days are so dark

Only some dawn and dusk

Never true dayligth

Feeling confused and hungry

Lost in myself and my own inability

To change,

To do the right thing

I do not know what is the right thing anymore

In the Dark

December is the darkest of months

Turning the daylight into dawn or dusk

The night is long and without mercy

The perspective change

Other things becomes


This surprises me

But I realize that the options

Are non-existent

I am preparing for survival

As I do every time this year

And every year I get by

Just a little bit more weak

Than before

The clouds, grey and filled

With rain will remain

In my memory for a

Long time


Soon the darkness will pass

Just like any other day

But inside us

Other powers reside