Silenced Voices

The things you once

Dreamed of cannot become

True anymore

They will remain

An unspoken dream

In your mind forever

Coming back to haunt

Your dreams at night

Asking impertinent


Empty spaces


In between us

There are small secret rooms

Not visible to others

Rooms where we meet

At night

Sharing our most inner

Thoughts and dreams

Dreams that grows from

The final hope of a better world

Sharing and caring

Outside the cold daylight view

While we move around the market, street

Or prayer house

Where we are strangers every day

To one another





Sleeping is a strange thing

Connecting the outer and inner worlds

Dreams and undefined

Insights and ideas

more or less useful

real but still false

Dissolves into thin air

Mixing memory and desire

Into something else



Frozen shadow

Moving along the tracks

Of a long forgotten


Using the memory of a dream

Intuition is not working here

Only the memory takes hold

But it is not a real memory

Just a dream

The Burden of Illusions

All the energy that it takes to keep a dream

Even though everything else fails

I have kept the illusion

Because that was everything

I had

All the energy I had went

To keep my head above the water

Striving for something better

Now it’s too late

I have to change

But it’s to late

I have to lose

My faith

We are moving a head to be dead

Destructive edges urges us

Absent present

Walking through the chic and slick part of the city

In every corner I meet a beggar asking for money

For drugs or house building project in Romania

Someone sleeping outside

While girls in expensive suits passing by

Pretending their own importance is

More credible than the poor lier

On the street

We are all fakes

Looking for ways to convince the world

Of our God given right to exist

God does not mind

Absent on earth as well as heaven

Having find a new project

Somewhere else

Only the stones are left

For worship tonight

Against the wind

Out in the wind again

Fighting the rain and the feeling

of hopelessness

But since I know the future

The meaning of fighting

Has been lost

Everything I avoid I recive

Everything I crave, I lose

Nothing, nothing

Will ever come clear

From that curse

And in the end

It does not matter