Easter Resurrection

The slow disaster called Easter continues

Pleasant and sunny

Peaceful and violent at the same time

Dysfunctional and productive

Reductive and Creative

Slowly learning

How to deal with this

Specific adversity


What hope is there left

What options are there

Known or unknown

The sun still rising

Christ has left his cave

Easter, The Day After

This day between

The crucification and

The resurrection

A limbo, a void

The birds don’t take notice

Nor does the trees

Only we that still


Hoping for a good deal

At the final judgment


Is life worth living

What is good life?

People struggle to survive

Dying and defying


That is painful

But is giving

Strength a little bit

Again the

Cycle of life

Is being closed


This is an uneven fight
I know I can’t win
I know this
Falling on all levels
Failing to make my
Life working
But it doesn’t matter
I have to try
Again and again

At night

Fire and Ice

We hide inside the basement

Watching the destruction

From safe distance

While the dark sky looms over us

The ground is again frozen

And the water has turned to ice

And the city is very silent

Waiting for the return

OF spring


The long, long friday

Högalidskyrkan, Hornstull, Stockholm

This terrible day when Jesus dies
Happens every year
When sky is greyer than grey
The snow is pouring down
And the universe is as depressed as me
Then Sunday everything will be alright again
Jesus will stand up from the dead and walk
Away that day
What to say?
I am very happy for Jesus being able to do his thing
And in that process saving mankind by the way
But I am not sure how attractive it is
To rise from the dead again and again
But I guess he is his fathers son


The plants are growing

Fast and furious

Trying to kill old roots

That once were healthy and strong

But only time will

Tell us who, if anyone won

The metamorphosis is quick and

Painful often killing its host

The only things that comes easy

Is the rain and the mosquitoes

And they are endless sources

Of frustration

As is the cold white light

At night


April fouls

Slow changes
In this cruel
The ground is still
Cold and frozen
The light has turned
And once again
The white nights
Return to this frozen land

From the darkness
To the light
The natur prepares
For another extreme
From death to life
And than again dying
Leaving the land
To the white snow and ice
This is our fate
We fouls that live
Here in the northern corner