The days are short

In the north

More like a combined

Dawn and dusk

Creating a depressive

Mode of inaction

Retreating and defeats

Is in my mind

Lost causes and cold very

Cold nights

Turns Gray

The world turns gray today

The bitter end of the year

No remorse just endorse

Accept it is all over now

A new bad world in the making

The rich and powerful are doing

The taking

Just plain power and stupidity

Will rule,

Money talks, life walks

Leaving the ashes of what could have been

Slowly killing us all

The money talks

While the children die

The restaurang serve

Champagne, to toast life away

The dictators roam

The ground like fat dinosaurs

Stealing and loathing our world

Only the stones will remember us



Friday a good day

For fraud and getting

Drunk after work

I did neither

Just listening to the wind

And the children playing

Lost direction

What am I fighting for?

I do not know anymore

Why or why not

Or where to go

I am just lost on my way

There are so many options

But time do not give any

Peace of mind

Only huge black holes

The power has gone somewhere

Else for its operation and actions


The day ended before it stated

A weak light hiding between

The trees and the sky

Dull, tired colors

Changing into black evening

Early in the afternoon


Life feels like a cave

Dark creatures climbing

On green walls filled

With moisture

A lot of life and in the same

Time no life at all

It is wet and cold here

And the silence is so


Everything is pointed

To annihilation

The hope is long gone

Your choice is how to die

Quick death or the long way

Of aging into obliteration


Radiant fragrance

Coming to life

Late in the afternoon

A will to live instead

Of dying slowly

Rather a quick death

Than fading away

Intensity as a way

To cover up


Retribution of investments

Way, way to go


Feeling empty inside

All thoughts are gone

Left is only the tiredness

I overcome myself

But to what purpose

Who is the real enemy

Realising that its me

Frozen shadow

Moving along the tracks

Of a long forgotten


Using the memory of a dream

Intuition is not working here

Only the memory takes hold

But it is not a real memory

Just a dream