The End

The final accord

An Ultimate solution to avoid

Conflict abstaining from most of the

Things that are important

Compromising my life away

Long gone memory of another life

When freedom were more than

A fantasy, a chimera in the desert

Being Free

My prison is my freedom

Things are getting worse and worse

But here I am in the middle of it

It demands my whole being

I am looked in darkness

Dwelling among all the things

That has to be done and learned

I am sorry for this

But happy in the same time

This is me being free

In my own created prison

The Flight of the Swallow

Freedom is a curious thing

Hard to define

Seeking its root

In a mixture of feeling and reason

Time passes quickly

Technology and the many wars

Reduces what it could be or enhance it

Laws and our perceptions

Changes but maybe it is

The ability of our own capacity

When it is working

That is part of

A gigantic conundrum

Outside The Box

I am an outsider

Far from the safety net

The air is better outside the box

Playing and rejoicing out in the free

All that fear is gone