Survival is not a necessary thing

I don’t care


My life is awful

I cannot move

Just being a prisoner

Of my own making

Without being

Able to free myself

The Coming of Age

I am lost here

Without leverage

Just a lot of servitude

And empty actions

Life is so filled

With frustration

I am to old

To start something

Or to young to

Understand anything…


Life did not give me many choices

When anxiety eats your mind

Limiting the options

Still I am here

Day by day

Weaker and balder

Living the Paradox

There are so many different ways to live

So many options in the world

Still why are we so trapped in our own perception

Of what is possible and

How to do things

How life should be?


She comes home

After a day at the office

Filled with frustration

And ave

Being the trapped

Using us as a bin

For her frustration

Tensed and aggressive

Only the sleep will relieve us


I am bleeding

Losing energy

All the time

Soon it will

All be over

Did not manage

To solve the riddle

Of being me

Pacified and blocked

No solution in sight

Only the sun is higher

Every day in the sky