The Future is Bright (More or Less)

The Nostradamus Exchange Mechanism

Is now activated

That means you can ask your questions

About your future or

The fortune (or disaster) that will

Happen to your investment portfolio

Mr. Nostradamus will give the answer

To you in verse, rhyme or strange words

Your portfolio will then increase or decrease

People will be born or decease

Fall in and out of luck, love and boats

Wars will start and come to an end

All predicted by our excellent mr. Nostradamus

Wisely used our answering machine will

Make you poor or rich, happy or sad

All according the almighty will of the

Subconscious and Freud

In the end it all equals out

God gets annoyed and destroys the planet

Once and for all

Replacing us with an ugly red frog

That rules the universe for a while


Ethics and Ethics

Sometimes people surprises us

Their values seems to be at odds

We think that we share a common ground.

While in reality we live in parallel worlds

In my country we let the old, infirm perish

Nobody seems to be really upset about iy

Only at night there is a problem

When the ghosts return for their

Payback hours

Keeping us awake