Can Not Fight For My Rights

I am trying to fight

But I cannot

Lift my own


For more than

Two weeks

I have been trying

To write this letter


How important

It is for me to have

The place that I love most in this world

But I cannot write a comma

Nothing, can be put together

I have such a fear

I know I am going to lose

But still

I cannot lift a finger

To say

I  want this

I need that

I have the right

My father stop calling

No one calls

I am in silence

They are silent

And I am not calling

Anymore ever

Still I have to

I know I have to

Let me go down

To the water

And relive me of my burden



Decaying dysfunctional family

Frustration, fighting and mentally ill people

We pretend that everything is so normal

Slowly she is making a mess of my boy

Giving to him the doubtful gift of ambivalence

And depleted will

There is always a reason for this and that

It is just that reason does not change the world


Trees change the world


Trying to find some hope

While the baby is screaming

And her mother is gone

I cannot do much

Just ease the pain

A little bit


Sometimes we fail to realize what´s in  front of us

It is only after years have past that we are able to see

The crocked and ridicules in being ruled by other peoples

Agenda and this not because we lack awareness but because

We lack hope for a better future

Growing up

I grow up fearing everyone

My father did see my mother and her family inside me

Sometimes beating me, sometimes telling how wrong and clumsy I was

My mother hated all male on earth

My grandmother thought everyone around her

Took part in a great conspiracy organized by her doctor

I tested her on his order of course

My so called friends in school laughed at me

I had to hide

Nothing that was me was ok

I learned to smile and pretend

Do not say wrong things

Do not attract attention

Stay out, keep the distance

Or take part in their game

That summer I learned every nations flag in the world