A Night Full of Action

Traveling in my dream

I learned that my wife

Had changed our house

To a small cranky appartment

Where a relative to Saddam Hussein

Used to live

He had hidden a lot of gold there

She found it and shared it

With her arab lover/ helper

Called Ahmad

She despised him

But needed the money

To get rid of me

Leaving me in the flat

I tried to warn my children

They did not understand


I am looking

For the door

In order to run

Away to the fun

Leaving all that

Nonsense behind

This is the way

I survive


Finding other ways of doing things

Is tricky

Like breaking bad habits

Still this have to be done

Because if we don’t

It just stays

A patter

Good Habits

Getting crazy

Or not

Anything is better than being  blocked

This is so frustrating

Trying to get rid of anxiety

And it comes back worse than before

Habits or not

This is so strong