The Minotaur 

Finalising the unthinkable 

I have become a monster

A Minotaur in his dirty, stinking


Without entrance and exit

I walk around looking out 

The tiny Windows to see

What is going on in the

Outside world

Hoping, even expecting 

The one day an earthquake 

Will make the walls

Tremble and fall 

More than 4000 years

Have I been waiting

The world has changed

But the tyrants remains

Doing their dirty deed 

In front of me every day

While the water slowly

Grinds the stone

The Price of Life

Every true freedom

Has it’s own price

You enjoy only

To suffer retribution

But the sweetness is

Greater than it’s bitter

Fruit and in vain

We repeat out of urge

And desire for life

Until finally the seeds grow

And the strife is over

We watch the sun and

Know that now is time

To die




The first level in Hell is Limbo

Between hope and despair

Still in Hell

I know despair

Very well

Most of my life

I lived in despair

Without hope

Hope is something

I do not own

But I steal a little

In order to try


Let me have hope

Something to live for

Not my country, not my family

Not myself

Something more

Out of order and moral

Just something more

Than old books and outworn ideas

That destroy our world right now

Just something



What hope can there be

Will this condition ever change?

I am in the middle of this

Lost, frustrated and confused

In a unknown landscape

From the Inside

Inside Out 

Being on the inside is so nice

Things becomes clear


The fear is gone

Leaving only some shiverings behind

Changing the perspective 

In so many new ways

I am trapped here in time and in my mind

Below is the land

Only a playing field

Projections of the sun

Changes the perspective 

In perpetual ways


Ice and Stones, stones

I  am here

Where are you?

I miss you

All around me

It’s in me to look for you

That I do not know

If you are still here or left

For good to a better place

You are not here anymore

Maybe the summer will offer hope

But I doubt

You wisely found other playgrounds