Timeless Love

This is the

Timeless trap

When we fail to see

Because we don’t want

To fail with our love

Still just because of this

We do it

Again and again

Failing to see

What is going on

And then waking up

In a much worse position

Than before

Still the light will fall

The same way



What am I doing now?

Why am I here?

No answers,

Only questions!

That are failing their purpose

That are failing their meaning

I am alone in this world

And so are you

In the end

But until then

Let us meet


In between the extremes

A Note To My Love

Long time ago

When you passed me by

In silence stroking my back gently

After many hundred of miles

Of sour feet and lonely walking

I know that we would not meet again

That short moment with you still stands apart

From the rest of my life

Preparing for War

Writing in my

Secret dossier

The names of friends and foes

Trying to build my fortress

To no avail

Preparing my nuclear warheads

As well as my sneezing bacteriological

Arms of mass destruction

Collecting evidence to proof

My paranoia

And all of this work

For one remark

That made me break down


You took my heart away

And I want it back



To feel like a man

Even under false pretenses 

Is so joyful

I want to sing

I want to give

All my joy

I can look everyone 

I meet in the eye again 

How little it takes to make a man 

A man again


The night relieves me temporary

Of my fear and anxiety

I will lose a lot of things

The next few days

But I do accept


Because I know the love will end

The world as we know it

That makes me rest in my own

Mindlessness and sleep



Visits to the old school of living

There is no meaning any more

To use the old school

They have corrupted

Their credibility

And again not knowing

Not questioning their belief

Made them fail

And fall