Love, My Love

Love,what is love,

A feeling, fantasy projected on someone else

Loneliness shared by two

Soon gone, fading illusions

No happiness only sorrow follow

You grieve for years only to

Realise that you actually learned

A new way to make your coffee

What a terrible price for such

A trivial knowledge

Eros Lost

Walking outside the bounds

The limits of ordinary life

Eros and Agape

Is nowhere to be found

In the frozen landscape

Of our time

The decreasing lust and will

Is what life is like here

  • Whatever the reason
  • Sociological, psychological or
  • biological does not matter much
  • It is still here and a problem
  • Fearing Love

    Meeting someone is so tempting

    And so very difficult

    I want to love

    But love itself awakes fear

    Losing your love,

    Losing your control

    Love in the Gutter

    Love is down the gutter

    Dirty, stained and little bit moldy

    Like an abandoned flower

    Finding it there in the gutter

    I doubted if I should pick up

    Or not


    I did

    Partly so ugly and stinking

    Still so badly needed

    Mistreated and mismanaged

    I still had to care for it again

    Like an old bad friend

    Passing By

    Looking out of the window

    Seeing the clouds passing by

    Covering the pale blue sky

    Makes think of why I left you

    That bad night

    Instead of taking the fight

    But losing fights has been my life

    And eventually you get tired of it