Stand your ground

Try to resist something

I don’t know what

I thought my life had a meaning

I was of course wrong

Life has no meaning

What so ever

Except exponential growth of assets

Of course


Life is filled with unanswered


We keep on looking for answers

That are not easy to find

Life will pass

The questions will remain

For the next generation

And the generation

After that


Trying to determine

The loss


Because I need to know

In order to go on

In order to understand

What is happening

Maybe to be able

To change course



What to say?

That the world an empty hole?

Where we sparkle and die?

No not at all…

The only certain thing

Is that we haven’t found

What we are looking for

Since we don’t know where to look

And what to see and search

Meaning of Life

Trying to find a meaning

In my life some great

Existential reasons to

Exist or exit

God, the environment or

At least some meaningful

Work experience

But since it is raining

And the weather is quite cold

I wait until tomorrow