A Circle

Trying to find

A solution

As I have done

My whole life

Meaning and

The lack of meaning

Waiting to return

Back to point zero

For another cycle


Change is a beautiful thing

And in the same time

A nightmare messing

Up our life, destroying

Safe comfort zones

Moving into the light

What once was hidden

Hiding things that once

Was in the open

Ending ever ongoing


Let me have hope

Something to live for

Not my country, not my family

Not myself

Something more

Out of order and moral

Just something more

Than old books and outworn ideas

That destroy our world right now

Just something


The Fire

I am like a beam of light

Attracting people and

Creatures of the night

To warm

Themselves near, near

To the dwindling ember

Soon the dawn

Will come

With Apollonian clearness

And the break us all down

To ashes

No Control of Anything

I am not in control of anything

Not even my self, my emotion

Only in some way my intentions

There is no meaning in life

When you have no power

And have to fight yourself as well

As the other people around you


Clarity is a gift

Precious as gold

I lost my confidence

Only at night

In the deep silence

Can I partly retrieve

Who I once was


What is my true self

Do I got any self

At all?

I don’t know


Maybe I am on the wrong track

Maybe I am on the right track

Maybe I am a prisoner of this place

Maybe I am a prisoner of that place

Maybe I am a prisoner of all my things and aspirations?

Losing clues

Losing me

Am I ?

Something or Nothing