On the Road

Life can be like

A very long journey

Through the desert

Windy, sandy and dirty

Slowly draining you of energy

Changing the perspective

Turning around the prism

In the kaleidoscope

Nothing is clear

The way has been lost

Long time ago

So suddenly

Any road is the right one

If you don’t know

Where to go



Monday is the worst of days

Forcing its discipline

Upon us early in the

Morning, reducing

Our option

Streamlining the path

To achievement and


You cannot be creative

Just working catatonic

In the catacombs of

The reptile brain

The Mirror

Time stirs back in the mirror
It went fast, it had to leave
But surprisingly
I am still here
and still alive
With my nightmares
With my bad sleep
With my shame
With my patterns of repetion
But that is OK
I feel something again
Only that is hopeful
The leafs on the tree
will grow

Lost in space

The pain is following me
I do not fear the pain
I am so used to it
I do not know why
I am lost
Lost in the past
Lost in the present
Lost in the future
Leaving it all
To sail somewhere else


And suddenly the day begun

I woke up  confused

Remembering the promise

I gave yesterday

Deep roots coming to life

In the early spring rain.

In the darkness I found

you waiting for me with open arms

and it took a while

To retrieve the lost time but when our

LI’m s joined we disintegrated for a short

Momens and life took a different turn

Claiming space on the hostile land





Tomorrow night

I need the courage
I don´t have
My limbs are numb
And my mind all sleepy

Tomorrow will be
The great day
I walk out the door
Into the great void
Into the shimmering night

The night is full of whispering
voices and of stories untold
Fragments that reaches
the conscious mind
Telling me about the past
As well of the future


This is me
That is what I am
The pain of thought
The pain of memory
Feeling that is all
out of control
Someone else also
with a broken faith
a broken mind
She want me to move
as she is used to
As her father did
But I am not here
I escape, avoid,
walking around
Forgetting other
The summer will soon be over
The winther is in my heart