Age of Propaganda

The printing press

Was a wonderful tool

For information and Propaganda

Then came the digital shitstorm

We are not immune to anything

Is all bipolar now

Like oil and water

Fire and water

Somehow a madness

And frustration

Has taken hold

Over our inability to change

The ils and dysfunctional

Unemployment and poverty

The insecurity of work, inequality

We are feeling trapped here

And if you feel like that

There are plenty of groups, media

And algorithm to make you feel

That way even more

Only the flowers know the answers

They remains silent

Inside Out

Travelling by my armchair

Reviewing places I never

Been to like Hong Kong Or


Going down on street view


The world in a flat way

The world in a different way

When things overwhelm you

Not much get done

Therefore you search for a way out

Morning Issues

In the early hours of

Morning, I woke up


Again and again

misplacing important things

Trying to creat a structure


Dealing with the most painful

Things in my life

Debt, conflict

Unresolved Issues

Maturing trying to get

Out of the cave

Starting to feel

The inner strength

This is magic in it’s

Purest form

The Way, Camino

The long road, demands an explanation

A reason to walk the dusty path

Tired, long time after sunrise

Being inside the house that is crumbling

I watched the sun moving over the sky

Preparing to heal and reach the ocean

Still dreaming more than being awake

I opened the door

And left

On the Road

Life can be like

A very long journey

Through the desert

Windy, sandy and dirty

Slowly draining you of energy

Changing the perspective

Turning around the prism

In the kaleidoscope

Nothing is clear

The way has been lost

Long time ago

So suddenly

Any road is the right one

If you don’t know

Where to go



Monday is the worst of days

Forcing its discipline

Upon us early in the

Morning, reducing

Our option

Streamlining the path

To achievement and


You cannot be creative

Just working catatonic

In the catacombs of

The reptile brain

The Mirror

Time stirs back in the mirror
It went fast, it had to leave
But surprisingly
I am still here
and still alive
With my nightmares
With my bad sleep
With my shame
With my patterns of repetion
But that is OK
I feel something again
Only that is hopeful
The leafs on the tree
will grow

Lost in space

The pain is following me
I do not fear the pain
I am so used to it
I do not know why
I am lost
Lost in the past
Lost in the present
Lost in the future
Leaving it all
To sail somewhere else