Monday is the worst of days

Forcing its discipline

Upon us early in the

Morning, reducing

Our option

Streamlining the path

To achievement and


You cannot be creative

Just working catatonic

In the catacombs of

The reptile brain

Worst of Days

Monday is the worst of days

Always filled with hard awakenings

The dream is over, the family drama

Has ended everybody lost

Back to the ordinary life

At work, school, unemployment or

Whatever takes you through the week

The human illusion is so vibrant

What we have to do or not to do

Just a few feet away another

Parallel world awaits us


In the Valley of Darkness

Life in all its variety

Is a prisma of suffering

In one way or the other

Trying to go

When its as darkest

So I don’t need

To feel any hope

When the light





Hard Home

Monday is the worst of days

And this day when the sun

Don’t shine

Will not be remembered

If possible

To start the week

Without any hope

Just a lot rooms to clean

Bills to pay

Makes me want to go away

Watching the cars passing by

On the highway


The is a stage

And you are not invited

Other spectators are delighted

But face the fact and react

This is your only chance

By all means well-meaning

People that wants to form you

For their own affirmation

Their gateway to the secular heaven

One of many illusions of our time

Ice on glas

Monday is the worst of day

All the illusions gone

Just a cold frozen landscape

Promising a long work week

Changes makes people

Uncomfortable and bad tempered

Now we are here

The first Monday in December

Slowly adapting us to a passive