The Night

The night is so cold

Even the cloud

Has abandon us

The stars, distant and cold

Are not even


God is busy

Somewhere else

I want to give in

I want to give up

I am cold

But I am

Still standing

Nights in the office

I am feeling lonely and that is OK

No one will understand my words

My words so empty and void

Trying to put the assignment given to me



I do not know

Just writing through the night

Dreaming of my car driving

Too fast in the main street

While others car parked

In the middle of the road

Waiting idle

But where am I going?


I fight an uneven battle
I know that I will never

Life is short
Soon it will be gone
Leaving the wind
Behind me on my

Summer surprised us
Left us all dusty and
thirsty for more
But now the snow
falls and hands are
getting cold and weak

Still I will run thins
Autumn of my days
In hope for surrender
But who will it be?