Guilt is such a precious thing

Kept and taken care of

Grown by those who need

Control over other

A high price to pay

A prison for the those

Who carries the mantle

Of shame


Courage, fortitude is a good virtue

Which comes with perseverance and patience

An act not for the pie in sky but for the now

I am searching in my self for the little courage

That are left, somewhere Kudos lives in the heart

However much we fail in our life


Mind, soul and body

Quiet night, the reality is far away

I do not need to engage in anything

Create and listen, write, think

Ensemble myself together again

I am a little bit more me now

And it is ok

Soon I will lose myself again

But for the moment

I am more spirit than body

Build and burn

Burning for something is wonderful

I burn now and then

Sometimes I burn out

Sometimes is just to humid and I do not burn

Best is to build and then burn

Destroying what we created

Again and again