Changing patterns by
Driving around the outskirts of the city
Were the other people live
The big roads filled with traffic jams
And hoards of cars
Finding a spot quiet here
Is so important
Here on the oldest part of
The peninsula
Deep roots share the place with the
Destructive forces of today
Without most people taking notice

Time to leave

It is time to leave
I had so much
I lost so much
And it does not matter

Time to seek out
New horizons
New ways of doing things
New places
Even if I remain the same
It will be different


Traveling away from the memory
My memory is pain
I cannot change
This time

And traveling
makes things
So much easier

Soon I will
move on
And go
to where

All the people


The very public
The audience
The listener
The critics
The reader
The actor
The judge
The auditor
The editor
And the devil herself
They are all there!!!
I better stay away
In my pleasant

Morning light

Back again
In the morning
Things turn so clear
My pain is great
But I manage
Time passes
And life returns
To the illusion of normality
I am here trying to find
My story



Inside the night
I did feel safe
The darkness
My weaknesses
My shortcomings
My worthless mind
Sometimes comes to rest a night
Hiding in dreams less meaning
My body remains me
I am alive
Still willing to live
Even if the hardship
Is worse than before
I still enjoy the silence
Of the winter night
The cold
The empty streets
The lonely walkers
The lost and the crazy


Trying to put
Everything together again
Some limbs are there
Others are still numb
Resting in a peaceful place
Where my mind can rest
A bit.