I am in the sun
talking about
trying to figure out
why the
summer is suddenly
inside of me
is winter 
of course
but I can 
still enjoy 
that beauty around me
Maybe one day

The Wind

I want to live
I just do not know
how to do it anymore
Is there hope?
Is there a future?
Outsiders of all kinds
comes to great me
but the wind 
the cold wind from the north
will freeze all aspirations 
of flowering, fruitsb


Now they gone cut me in half
and half
I will be
This is not the ultimate option
I will be the half-man 
and not much more
but this is the price
I pay
The life I never opt for
but were given
by some distant god
in a sky
or maybe he lives in a pie
to be cut in half does
not do me any god
at all 


Empty as the wind
Hollow and broken
No messages today
No one to listen
to my words
as they fall to the
Vibrating universe
so full of life
and still in this
I am empty


So here I am again
in this room
In this place
filled with 
young students
aspiring the good life
and succes 
since my future already past
and is gone this does not
worry me so much
I will be whatever it will be


I know 
It is to late
everything should have been done before
long time before now
I am overdue
I am to late
I am to much
I am to little
and so on
I do not care
I have to live anyway

Confused In the Evening

I am so low now
there is not
a thing in the world
that can change
that now
I do not want
to feel
I do not want
to be
I do not want
to do 

Everything is pain
and pain is not power
It is just pain
You messed with
my brain
and now I do not
who I am 
and what I feel
Only the breathing is mine
at the moment


Defending my weak spots
I have hidden in the sand
for so long
All my grudge 
All my pain
All my neurosis 
i try to hide them
under the sand
in the sun
while watching
the sea
They give me a lot of pain
waiting to take a bath
when nobody is watching 
This might never happen