More time cannot solve any problems

More of everything is just more

Not better but less

Unbalance between want and  need

When having mad afternoon tea

With a naked girl

Talking nonsense



Sleepy, Slow moving Sunday

Nothing to say

The children are playing

In the front of the TV

My mind is empty


It’s a good feeling

For the very moment

This is all going

To change

But the night

Is the time

For free thoughts

And mad thoughts

The sleeping people

Cannot hear us

Nor read our



Emptyness is like the ice

Suddenly it is everywhere

And you slip on it

My whole life

Is up for grabs

Any interpretation

Is possible

But without

Your own integrity

The sun has no meaning

Who Silenced Me?

What made me silent

What happened

Why did I hide in shame

For so long

Why can’t I protect my self

From other peoples aggressions

So many questions

So few answers