Abstract Postcard #1 — ABSTRACT POSTCARDS

A few times a week I try to reblog other blogs worthy of attention. This Friday I would really like to recommend a visit to the blogg ABSTRACT POSTCARDS because of it’s colorful and vibrant drawings. That inspires me living in the gray north part of the world.

Drawing by GLITCHY ARTIST. Click the link below to download this image (1800 by 1200 pixels). You may print it as a postcard and send to any destination. https://abstractpostcards.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/www-glitchyartist-xyz-abstract-postcard-1.jpg

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Sands of Time — Discover

Sometimes another perspective is necessary in order to understand the world. This place reminds me in an awkward way of the far north. Places with only snow and no trees, windy stretches of roads often clogged by snow dunes up to five meters.


Photographer James Dee Clayton travels across Morocco, across the tallest dunes of the Sahara Desert.

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