Protecting myself from the feeling that everything is too late

I lost so much time being trapped inside this

bubble that is my shield

Trying but it is too much

I am losing

Because of my own ambivalence


The art of saying no

Is hard

Being harsh

Dominant, pushy

moving around

Saying no

To other people

But what remains after that?

Just the empty void that needs to be filled

A lot of time, to be used

Searching for a purpose



Visits to the old school of living

There is no meaning any more

To use the old school

They have corrupted

Their credibility

And again not knowing

Not questioning their belief

Made them fail

And fall

Revolution Returns Reactionary

Today 43 years ago in another country

A revolution took place

The young had gotten tired of war

Tired of the old rule and wanted something new

What  type of new they wanted

That was not certain but something different

And everything changed

But not in a way anybody expected

Different yes, from a strong man with mad ideas

to a tired bureaucracy without vision or hope

From a poor people to not so poor people

From being a colonial power to being a province

In the great federation of old and tired people

Without courage

A victory for the revolution?

Yes, very much so for what could be better than

Growing your own garden under the sun