Sunday Quagmire

Messy night, sleepless flight

With screaming children

Fighting, crying and soon

To be the confused morning

Trying to get the sleep lost in the terrible night

More noise, less choice

Trashed people they do trash you up

Eating the leftovers of your soul and self

Only by luck can anything be good eventually

But not eventually



Every time I want to go

You ask me to stay

Telling me

How much you need me

I stay

You start to tell me how bad I am

I want to go

You ask me to stay

Like in an eternal circular movement

Our bodies are twisted around

Each other hurting one another

Until death do us apart


When I first went into the war

I was a young boy

Did not understand

The consequences

But life is slow teachers

I took me many years

To slowly get back to life

Still in my dreams at night

I am back on the streets

Looking for old friends



The streets are quiet
Tonight, people trying
To make their way home
We are still trying to
The dead and the injured
It could have been me
Or anyone walking by
Not taking notice of
Death approaching
In high speed