Late Places

Lost spaces in the crowded city

Places to visit for memory or

Out of desperation,

The crowds has moved on

Below in their dirty cars

I stand on the bridge

Trying to remember

The lost river

The City

Fear drives

The city forward

Fear of accidents

Thieves, crazy people

Tricksters and fraudsters

Psychopaths and psychiatrists

Employers and abusers

All those traps that hide

Behind the facade of the city

All the cameras, barbed wire, walls

fences, guards will not do

The more safety the less secure you

Will feel

At Bay

Traveling through the underground

The road well travelled

My headphones keeps

The world at bay

This awful day


To forgive is not easily done

Memories comes back

The perpetrator well off rich

Do not regret but celebrate

His act still after thirty years

The memory remains

An open wound

I don’t love, I do not hate

I realize that

I will not make it

I messed it up

I do not seek to forgive

I do not seek forgiveness

Anymore, just strength

To make it through

The day


The crowds of the city

Has left their dwellings

Moving around in

Disciplined groups

Up and down,

Round and round

Bumping into each other

Fighting for space

Life is slow,

Everything seems to be


Locked in rigid patterns of


Illusions are fine

They are like wine

You drink and enjoy until you

Wake up with an headache

Realising that most of your

Life was a dream

Wasted on the altar

Of ideas and dreams


The Subway Ride

Crowds moving quickly

Through the metro

Up and down the stairs

Like streams of water

They collide and mix

Creating small instant conflicts

On their way to anywhere

Or somewhere under the

Aggressive white light

That shines eternally

Treating each other as objects

And problems, hinders for

Quick movements, enemies

To be battered, promising

That we will never have

Peace of mind


I cannot blame

Anyone but myself

And here I am

Desperate to change

Without being able

To change at all

Caught between

Different ideological fantasis

Of what life should be like

And how to solve it’s vice and evils

No, they have no realistic solutions

And neither do I