Late Places

Lost spaces in the crowded city

Places to visit for memory or

Out of desperation,

The crowds has moved on

Below in their dirty cars

I stand on the bridge

Trying to remember

The lost river

The City

Fear drives

The city forward

Fear of accidents

Thieves, crazy people

Tricksters and fraudsters

Psychopaths and psychiatrists

Employers and abusers

All those traps that hide

Behind the facade of the city

All the cameras, barbed wire, walls

fences, guards will not do

The more safety the less secure you

Will feel


To forgive is not easily done

Memories comes back

The perpetrator well off rich

Do not regret but celebrate

His act still after thirty years

The memory remains

An open wound

I don’t love, I do not hate

I realize that

I will not make it

I messed it up

I do not seek to forgive

I do not seek forgiveness

Anymore, just strength

To make it through

The day

Christmas in Dubrovnik

Moving through  the highly risky

Terrain in a lush green forest

Above the old city

I remembered

The war more than 10 years ago

Still visible with all its

Shellmarks making

Roses on the ground

Telling a distant story

Of terror and death

The war had just ended

At Christmas, just a

Shell fired in the afternoon

From the enemy in order to

Make their presence known

Later that night

The captain shot

His girlfriend in a bar

Not far from the Hotel

The scars lingers under the surface

But surface

Cosmetic beauty  that money can buy

Is what you will see



I came to Chicago

Filled with sinful desires

A crossroad became my destiny

Lost and haunted by the ghost

Of the big city by the blue lake

I retreated back

Not any wiser

But still filled

With desire

Freedom Drive

Driving around the empty city

Feeling happy

Because of a little stolen time

The Christmas chimera soon

To be gone as a hallucinogenic

Luna Park at Burning man

The short gray days has stolen

All energy and hope

Still the night offers great remorse

As I drive through the empty streets

Early in the black afternoon


Out in the world

A quick dive

Into reality

The noise, the smell, the cold

People moving around seemingly without a plan

I have fear, deep fear

That i cannot handle in any way

I am a prisoner of my own mind

No matter where I go

My cell will follow me


The is a stage

And you are not invited

Other spectators are delighted

But face the fact and react

This is your only chance

By all means well-meaning

People that wants to form you

For their own affirmation

Their gateway to the secular heaven

One of many illusions of our time

The children’s play on the floor

Of the exhibition hall

Pretending to be in another world

Being close and still so far apart

Life separate us

Creating that imbalance

That builds cities and life’s

Contradictions necessary and


But in the end

It will destroy us

Life running through us

On the way to something



I am so confused

Have no oversight

No visions

No perspective

Only trying to get through

The jungle that is this city

Walking in circles in dark alleyways

Talking to strangers

With their own agenda

In my pocket is a white stone

Like an amulett