Illusion of choice

You are born into a certain place

By someone that belongs to something

Placed in a context

You will always be in a context

That limits your option

So you have a choice

But inside your destiny

The rain will fall on you

And if you have a raincoat

It might keep you dry

Your world

Radiation is your choice

Bad weather is your choice

Starvation it is your choice

No one else then you is responsible

For everything in this world

Global warming change is your choice

Terrorism is your choice

Poverty is your choice

So since you have the choice

Why do you make such a bad

Choices for the world?

Good Habits

Getting crazy

Or not

Anything is better than being  blocked

This is so frustrating

Trying to get rid of anxiety

And it comes back worse than before

Habits or not

This is so strong


Writing away my anxiety

Pretending that I have a choice

Pretending that It is a free will

Being possessed by spirits and memes

From another era, it is not much I can do

The problem is that it is only getting worse

With age, I am not getting wiser