The sun is still here

The days are longer

But without meaning

No answers are given

No questions asked

Just the cold wind

Touching your skin


All that noise

Is gone now

This and that

Covered by snow

Hiding, awaiting

Better times

I wish

My own winter was eternal

Being frozen to the core

With no spring in sight

Feelings, relations all

Destructive illusions

Cannot hurt or disturb

The peace of mind

A frozen harmony

Night Light

This dark winter Sunday

When the daylight

Leaves us Frozen and cold

It is Like being on the bottom

Of the sea

Lost among strange and

Colorful creatures

Eating each other


I live in a land

With people cold

As ice, freezing in

The cold wind

I realize that I will always

Be alone here, no help

Will ever arrive so I

Prepare to fight until I fall

The wind is cold